2 Truths & a Lie with Dr. Sky: Anti-Aging Skin Care

2 Truths & a Lie with Dr. Sky: Anti-Aging Skin Care

Dr. Skylar Souyoul became interested in dermatology as a teenager when, like many teenagers, she struggled with acne, and her dermatologist was the one person who could give her what she longed for—clear skin. Now a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Sky “pays it forward” practicing the full range of medical, surgical, and aesthetic dermatology at her private practice in New Orleans.

When people think about cosmetic dermatology, they typically think of Botox and fillers, but it is so much more. Looking and feeling your best isn’t all in-office injections and lasers, but also taking care of your skin and slowing down the aging process. When patients tell Dr. Sky, “I don’t want to look weird,” her response is, “I want you to look like the best version of yourself—if your doctor is making you look weird, then you are going to the wrong place.” Dr. Sky is excited to share her knowledge with her patients, and now with you as a Good Grit reader!

Sunscreen is the best anti-aging treatment. TRUE

Daily sunscreen application is the single best anti-aging therapy a person can utilize. After investing hard earned money on dermal enhancements it is important to protect your investment by applying sunscreen on a daily basis. I recommendation any broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen with at least SPF 30.

Retinoids are only effective for treating acne. FALSE

In addition to their anti-acne properties, topical retinoids are highly effective at regenerating collagen and can even improve some types of hyperpigmentation.

Retinoids like retinol, tretinoin, and retinoic acid are produced in a multitude of formulations and choosing the right one for your skin is essential. I recommend discussing options with your dermatologist before starting retinoids as irritation is a common side effect.  My personal favorite medical grade retinoid is Revision’s Retinol Complete.

Fine lines and wrinkles can be improved with anti-aging serums. TRUE

As we age our natural collagen production and skin turn-over rate diminishes.  Medical grade growth factor serums work to stimulate collagen production and increase the rate of skin turnover. These growth factor serums are a fantastic alternative for patients sensitive to the drying and irritating effects some people experience with retinoids. I love Root of Skin MD’s Facial Serum.