A Home You Love To Live In

A Home You Love To Live In
Words by Ashley Locke
Photos by  Leslee Mitchell

The last few months spent quarantining have many of us looking at our homes in a new light. Maybe you realized you did not have a quiet workspace, or maybe you realized your home did not feel as comfortable when you could not leave all day long. The way your house is designed can make a big impact on your quality of life. That’s why the design team at Christopher Architecture & Interiors takes your lifestyle into consideration when they work on designing a home.

“I believe that all spaces designed should strive to meet the needs, wants and desires of those who will be using them.” said Joanna Goodman, the Director of Interiors at Christopher Architecture & Interiors. “It should always be custom to lifestyle.”

For example, families with children or pets should focus on making a space durable and low-maintenance. “I like to use performance fabrics that are easy to clean, colorful and fun.” said Joanna. “You want people to feel comfortable and be able to relax and not worry about getting things dirty.”

There are different considerations for office spaces. Dimmable lighting, adequate storage, and an ergonomic chair are helpful features, but location is the key detail. “Having a workspace in a remote area of the house where one can concentrate and distance themselves from daily household distractions provides important balance.” said Joanna.

Sometimes minor changes can make a big difference when it comes to the design of your home. Layering items can turn a cold room into a cozy one. “You always want your home to look like it has been collected over time.” said Joanna. “An eclectic home is one that combines the old with the new, displays an array of photos and artwork, various collections, and family heirlooms that make you feel welcomed the moment you walk through the door. Just like your wardrobe, it does not come from one store, it evolves over time.”

Making updates to your decor can be just as simple. “A good way to start is by swapping out accessories like pillows, rugs, throws, plants, even artwork based on the seasons of the year.” said Joanna. “Layer rugs, drape throws over furniture and incorporate fabrics like wool, mohair and Velvets to make a space feel cozy during the cooler months. When things warm up, display pillows in soft hues, bring in flowering plants and change out heavy drapery to airy linen that allows an abundance of natural light to flood your home.”

Natural light is actually an important element when it comes to your home. “Research has proven that natural lighting helps people to be more productive, happier, healthier and calmer. The more windows the better.” said Joanna.

It’s important to consider artificial light in your home as well. Dimmable lighting is preferable, because it allows you to adjust for different times of day, weather, and occasions. A successful lighting strategy is when your artificial light can work in tandem with your home’s natural light.

One dramatic home update doesn’t involve spending money at all—just moving things around can completely change the feel of a space. “Moving your existing accessories around from time to time, or rearranging the furniture, will give your home a new, refreshed look every time.” said Joanna.

As things re-open, many of us are still spending more time at home than we did before. Spending a few minutes each day cleaning and organizing can keep you from feeling overwhelmed. “I like to do a daily five minute refresh. It’s time set aside to do a few easy tasks like straightening books and accessories, make the bed, wash the dishes, and push the chairs up to the table.” said Joanna. “Small tasks like these can improve your well-being, enhance your productivity, and help you feel more relaxed.”

The folks at Christopher A&I know how to take a home from a space that you just live in, and turn it into a functional part of your life. With their design expertise, you’ll never feel “stuck” at home—even when you can’t leave for a month.