A Natural Escape to South Walton, Florida

A Natural Escape to South Walton, Florida
Words by Louisa Martin

In South Walton, the allure is in the landscape. The wide-open space and natural scenery paired with accessible luxury provide the perfect backdrop for a serene beach getaway.

Although South Walton does have its fair share of shops and restaurants, a true treasure lies in the land waiting to be explored. Vast nature preserves put forty percent of South Walton’s land area under protection, making the scenery a prized possession. While many are familiar with the sixteen beach neighborhoods along the coast—Rosemary Beach, WaterColor, and Seaside to name a few—many do not realize that these collectively encompass South Walton. The grandeur, proximity, and diversity of these neighborhoods paired with more than two hundred miles of hiking and biking trails provide a unique combination of glamour and grit. South Walton, Florida is waiting for the next round of explorers to experience what this coastline has to offer.

Go for grit, go for South Walton. Inspired by its environment, the natural coastal scenery peeks in to each neighborhood. Besides just the views, there is plenty to keep the nature-lover active while vacationing in South Walton. Start at the Timpoochee Trail. Here, partakers will experience a nineteen-mile trail that leads runners and bicyclists past New Urbanist neighborhoods as well as panoramic views of the surrounding beauty. Because the beach neighborhoods are so close to one another, it is easy to travel along the coast via bicycle while experiencing the diversity of each new destination. In addition to the trails, there are four state parks, a 15,000-acre state forest and 15 rare coastal dune lakes to explore. With all that to consider, we haven't even made it to the beach! South Walton’s beaches are unmatched in beauty and quality in the continental United States. There are 26 miles of sugar-white sand and turquoise water along the Gulf of Mexico, nestling exciting shops and activities with endless exploration opportunities.

Go for glamour, go for South Walton. These sixteen beach neighborhoods will keep every member of the family busy on your coastal getaway. Each neighborhood provides upscale experiences in dining, shopping, and accommodations. Unique restaurants with award-winning chefs showcase fresh-from-the-Gulf seafood and locally sourced ingredients sure to make your mouth water. Spend a day at one of the stunning spas, pampering yourself with a luxurious facial, massage, or manicure. Experience ultimate relaxation with beachfront yoga classes, or a meditation session. Spend an afternoon shopping and discover your new favorite wine or the perfect date night dress. It’s easy to fill your day with fun activities—but don’t forget, South Walton's nightlife is hard to beat. Cap off your night with craft cocktails, live music, and plenty of dancing.

The duality of South Walton, both grit and glamour, sets it apart as a beach destination. Visit https://www.visitsouthwalton.com/ to plan your trip today and find your perfect beach.