Alys Beach: A Place for Peace

Alys Beach: A Place for Peace

Wellness opportunities abound throughout the offerings of Alys Beach

 Words by Paige Townley

Wellness is a way of life at Alys Beach, an idyllic community nestled into Northwest Florida’s Gulf Coast and the sought-after 30A area. With its pristine white sand, sparkling emerald water, and plethora of natural preserves and pathways, the importance of taking care of body and mind is woven into the very fabric of this seaside destination. It’s what drives the entire experience at Alys Beach, and it has culminated in the addition of ZUMA Wellness Center.

Named after the Mediterranean word for peace and wellness, ZUMA is a state-of-the-art private health club for the homeowners and guests of Alys Beach. Designed by award-winning Birmingham-based Nequette Architecture & Design and opened in April 2019, ZUMA offers 15,000 square feet of space complete with a Lift Room, Movement Room, Cardio Room, and Recovery Room, as well as an indoor/outdoor pool, two treatment rooms, steam rooms, exterior natural spaces and more.

In addition to all that is needed to train and equip the physical body, what wasn’t overlooked here was everything needed to treat the mind. The thoughtfully-designed space itself has a holistic approach with a heavy focus on natural light thanks to its large glass framing and mix of indoor and outdoor spaces with well-appointed landscaping and water features. In fact, the calming experience begins from the very moment one enters the space as they are greeted with a beautiful entry garden and reflecting pool before guiding visitors into an expansive courtyard.

Keeping the focus completely on the wellbeing of its guests, ZUMA also designed each and every offering around their overall well-being. The comprehensive wellness center features a range of classes, all led by professional experts, that lend themselves to different needs. On the agenda are classes in yoga, boxing/kickboxing, TRX, and tennis—just to name a few. The thoughtful approach to classes is yet another expansion on the defining concepts of community building and wellness in Alys Beach. Whether it be with the classes, the on-site smoothie bar, or the courtyard specifically-designed to offer a quiet space to visit, read, or meditate, everything is planned with intentionality to encourage owners and guests alike to connect and engage in fellowship together. The facility’s new director of fitness and tennis, Bo Petro, is looking to further these concepts with the addition of more dynamic social programs, including monthly themed tennis mixers and bootcamps. ”At ZUMA, we’ve captured all of the elements needed to create a wellness culture that aligns and enhances the values of the Alys Beach community,” says Head Fitness Professional Patrick Hoffner. “Between the spa, lift, cardio, movement, recovery, tennis, and pool, we have assembled the best people, equipment, and technology that works together to provide the level of excellence that our community expects.”