Green Kitchens that Make the A-List

Green Kitchens that Make the A-List

And the women who rule them
Words by Louisa Martin
Photos by Architectural Digest

Green Kitchens are all over my Pinterest and Tik Tok and honestly in some of my dreams too. They are fresh and spunky and look like the perfect place for me to finally try to make my own oat milk but also use the air-fryer to make homemade donuts. Kinda perfect. You know these women or at least seen them interviewed on late night talk shows, but now it's time to know their kitchens. Let’s go inside.

Dakota Johnson

I love this one. Dakota’s dry sense of humor and flat tone makes her one of my muses, not to mention the time she wore Gucci on Jimmy Kimmel and it changed my life. Her kitchen has a similar effect. The matcha green paired with the aztec rug is fresh and earthy. Dakota shared how she is recently obsessed with her dish-ware collection (a marbled grey pattern and a red and black set). I guess because green is such a statement it's fun to pair with other bold colors. The silver hardware is clean and the bust vase is quirky and the limes match. Cheers! 

 Kendall Jenner

Requiring no introduction is Kendall Jenner's teal kitchen. She says that she didn’t realize how much a space could influence your desire to cook. She loves the farmhouse style gold faucets, and I love the brass cookware light fixture. Based on the last two houses, marble and green seem to be the perfect partnership in Hollywood homes. Kendal comments on how one of her most-used features in the home is the pot filler used to fill her kettle and fuel her tea addiction. 
Cameron Diaz

Next up is Cameron’s kitchen in one of her homes, located in Manhattan. I have no confirmation that she has multiple homes but am taking the liberty to assume so based on everything about this kitchen. The emerald cabinets and brass counter combination is luxurious and reminds me of Wizard of Oz in a good way. My favorite thing about this one is the art deco esque gold trim detail on the cabinets. The green adds a richness to this urban home. Let’s go back to California!  

 Ellen Degeneres

The final fourth kitchen belongs to a friend of us all, Ellen Degeneres. The green tile, marble countertops, and cabinets provide the perfect pairing with the immediate invitation to the outdoors. The windows provide a dreamy natural light mirrored in the hanging transparent cabinet above the kitchen island. This kitchen is full of dynamic duos: the wooden floors and barstools, the green inside and lush outside, and the window pains and glass cabinet. My favorite touch is the exposed natural wood slab above the stove top. Somehow, this space makes me never want to leave the kitchen while also never makes me want to leave the backyard. Well played, Ellen!
We knew these women to rock stars, but it just feels right to know their kitchens are perfect too. Go green!