B Charitable: Beholden 2022

B Charitable: Beholden 2022

“If we could have this conversation in every household in the United States, we could change the culture.” - B Charitable founder, Jonathan Shugart

B Charitable was started by former tax attorney Jonathan Shugart. He had a passion for helping wealthy families become intentional with their charitable giving, then a lightbulb moment hit—it should be easy for everyone to make a difference through giving. “It shouldn’t be a conversation restricted to just the wealthiest—it should be happening at every kitchen table in the country,” said Jonathan.

B Charitable is the only charitable giving platform that harnesses the tax advantage of a charitable contribution and combines that with smart technology, making it easier than ever to make a difference with just a few clicks. “It means that different families or different friend groups are getting together to think about how they can love other people through charitable giving,” said Jonathan.


At Good Grit, we have made it our mission to support and highlight amazing charities and philanthropists through storytelling. Partnering with B Charitable means that we can also support these organizations through donations. Not only can you read about these impactful organizations in our pages, you can also take action and help them continue their good work by donating to the Good Grit Fund. We hope you will join us in supporting those that support others.


Support Seacrest Wolf Preserve, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Northwest Florida that promotes wolf and wildlife conservation.

Support Laughs 4 Life, providing laughs and support to cancer patients and benefiting cancer research in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Support Clean Cooking Alliance, providing clean cookware to people in need around the world to save lives, empower women, reduce air pollution, and improve livelihoods.

Support organizations that we believe in—donate in honor of someone you love this holiday season.