Bring on the Bourbon

Bring on the Bourbon

Louisville, Kentucky offers up culinary offerings based on one of its longest standing traditions: bourbon

Words by Paige Townley

Kentucky—and Louisville in particular—is known for many things. That list includes everything from southern hospitality and a unique sports history to, of course, its bourbon. The city also boasts a significant culinary tradition, and it has found a way to combine that rich culinary history with its favorite beverage through Bourbon & Biscuits.

Bourbon & Biscuits is an online video series that focuses exclusively on the city’s favorite foods and classic Bourbon cocktails. The videos are hosted by Stacey and Jessica, who team up for special pairings with each episode. Stacey frequently shares recipes that have been traditions within her own family for years, as well as well-known Kentucky staples. Jessica often focuses on providing Bourbon cocktail recipes that pair perfectly with each and every dish revealed by Stacey—some of which are already known to be classic Kentucky concoctions and others that are new from local bartenders.

Bourbon & Biscuits videos have already featured a number of classic dishes such as fried chicken, the Hot Brown, Benedictine, and Henry Bain’s Sauce, as well as belove cocktails like Louisville’s own Old Fashioned, the Kentucky Mule and “Bananas Forester.”

In each video, viewers also get a glimpse into Kentucky—and Louisville—lore and history. For example, in the video featuring the Hot Brown, Louisville’s most famous dish, Stacey and Jessica also shared a little history on the open-faced sandwich, its creator, and the hotel that hosted the very first Hot Brown. In the video teaching how to make Louisville’s official cocktail, the Old Fashioned, the online hosts also included a glimpse into the ever-popular cocktail’s history.

The video series also incorporates current events within the state and even holidays, such as a video showcasing recipes to make to celebrate Louisville’s Old Fashioned Fortnight (June 1-14) and a menu for the perfect Derby brunch.

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