Celebrate Spring in South Walton, Florida

Celebrate Spring in South Walton, Florida

It’s time to bring on the beach with a visit to South Walton

Words by Paige Townley

Making it through the winter doldrums should bring with it a worthy reward: one that includes the warmth of the sun and the opportunity to feel sand between your toes. South Walton, Florida, is a year-round vacation destination, but it particularly shines when it comes to spring getaways. Nestled in the Northwest Florida Panhandle along the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico—and just a short drive from many cities around the South—South Walton features 26 miles of sugar-white sand and 16 beach neighborhoods, each with its own personality and style. Whether seeking out a spot to bring the whole family together or one to enjoy the weekend with a group of friends, South Walton provides everything needed for that long-anticipated spring getaway.

Arts & Culture

Eclectic shops and chic and sophisticated boutiques can be found throughout South Walton. Adding to the ever-unique shopping scene is its many local art galleries. South Walton serves as home to a number of talented artists, performers, and musicians, which has created an arts and culture scene as creative as it is scenic. In addition to opportunities to purchase a piece of local art, there are always world-class festivals taking place celebrating the art and culture for which South Walton is now known.

Natural Activities

With its prime location along the Gulf Coast, South Walton and outdoor activities go hand in hand. That means whether you prefer to check out the picturesque destination on foot, bike, paddleboard, or even golf cart, there is an opportunity for it all, complete with breathtaking scenery at every turn. More than 200 miles of hiking and biking trails are located in South Walton thanks to the area’s vast nature preserves, as well as four state parks, a 15,000-acre state forest, and 15 rare coastal dune lakes. The 19-mile Timpoochee Trail is a sought-after destination for checking out panoramic views of South Walton’s New Urbanist neighborhoods, while Seaside and Rosemary Beach offer walkable streets for simple strolls (and incredible beach views) any time of day.

Culinary Delights

The diversity of South Walton extends into its culinary scene as well. The neighborhoods of South Walton are home to more than 200 total restaurants, making it easy to find everything from high-end fare and fresh-from-the-Gulf seafood to  Asian cuisine, rustic Italian, and southern comfort foods. Even in the mix of options are private culinary experiences with one-of-a-kind meals prepared by one of the area’s top chefs, all from the comfort of your beach home.

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