Crafting a Modern Southern Legacy

Crafting a Modern Southern Legacy

Coastal Mississippi's changemakers

A wave of change is sweeping across communities in Coastal Mississippi, driven by resilient individuals and innovative organizations. These aren't tales of a bygone era or faded traditions; these are stories of modern pioneers shaping the contemporary South. From the restoration of historic landmarks to the mastery of craft brewing and the creation of dynamic community hubs, meet the changemakers redefining what it means to preserve the past and actively craft a legacy for the future. 

Rachel Dangermond 

Meet Rachel Dangermond, an extraordinary force behind the transformation of 100 Men Hall in Bay St. Louis. Beyond being a skilled writer and investigative reporter, Rachel is a visionary catalyst, breathing life into this historic landmark. Her mission extends far beyond the restoration process; it's about forging a space that pulsates with history, culture, and progress. Through her tireless commitment to racial equity, Rachel has ignited initiatives that transform the hall into a dynamic community hub. From engaging writer's workshops that unveil untold stories to orchestrating events that celebrate cultural richness, Rachel Dangermond is creating a space both vibrant and vital.

David Reese 

David Reese is not just a brewer; he's a Master Cicerone, an esteemed title held by a mere 28 individuals globally. At Fly Llama Brewing, David's decade-long journey attests to his unwavering passion for beer, elevating him to the pinnacle of expertise. As the solitary Master Cicerone in Mississippi, David is not merely crafting exceptional brews; he's pioneering a revolution in the state's craft beer scene. Fly Llama Brewing stands as a living testament to David's dedication, where every pint poured embodies a rich narrative of commitment, excellence, and the flourishing beer culture in South Mississippi.

The Collective

The Collective is a dynamic hub in Ocean Springs dedicated to fostering creativity, sustainability, and a positive community impact. Founded by the visionary Condreys, The Collective transcends traditional spaces. It's more than a gathering of establishments; it's a transformative platform. From providing workstations for local craftspeople to hosting innovative events like the Porter Avenue Tree Canopy Planting Project, The Collective is an embodiment of community commitment. It's a space where creativity isn't confined, but encouraged to flourish. Every corner resonates with the echoes of diversity, sustainability, and the profound impact that a dedicated community space can have on the South Mississippi landscape.