Designing a Dream

Designing a Dream

Skylar Morgan’s custom furniture transcends trends

Words by Matheson Eller
Photos provided by Skylar Morgan

Skylar Morgan has enjoyed the practice of handiwork for his entire life. Woodworking, he says, is all he’s ever done.

It all began when he was 14 years old as he observed his uncle in a woodworking shop. What soon followed was an apprenticeship under a furniture designer in Philadelphia. Today, Morgan owns one of the nation’s most unique furniture businesses—Skylar Morgan Furniture (SMF) in Atlanta—collaborating with some of the world’s most renowned architects and designers.

With a clear vision and a robust understanding of his space in and contributions to the marketplace, Morgan has pursued his journey as a craftsman and woodworker with unyielding dedication since the beginning of his company around 20 years ago.

Running a business was not always the plan. The company philosophy of “build what you love, and love what you build” also rings true for Morgan and his wife Stephanie on a personal level, serving as a guiding light for their lives.

While simply searching for the sweet spot crossover between their dreams and their strengths, Skylar Morgan Furniture organically came into existence.

Morgan began building furniture and installations in Montana many years ago, before quickly learning that his style of simple, American-modern was better suited for a larger and more creative city. The move to Atlanta with his wife is what he credits as the official kick start of the business.

Not long after that major shift, Morgan recruited new members to join the team—individually and intentionally. This was a welcome change for Morgan, as he was previously the sole brain trust, craftsman, designer, and businessman behind the company.

Each team member contributes various trades to the metaphorical table of the business, so that SMF is able to do most work in-house rather than consistently outsourcing it. This allows SMF to stand out among its competitors, adding a personal and relational touch to the creative process for their clients.

Whether it be metal, leather, or upholstery in a commercial or residential sense, SMF is equipped to face any furniture-related challenges head-on. All-custom-everything is the name of the game for the Morgans as they work to bring clients’ furniture dreams to fruition. Curious onlookers and recurring clients alike are not to be fooled; SMF is as dynamic as they are magnetic—ever-growing, ever-alluring.

Through the years, the company has worked to curate its signature aesthetic of American-modern through the mixing of materials. What is the secret sauce, you ask? Simplicity. Morgan shares that his first step in all new projects is editing and cutting back. Not too much, but just enough, remains the primary feature of SMF’s style.

Morgan also explained that the double-edged sword of working as a craftsman is pride. As is the same for every artist, all work is personal. Therefore, sharing that SMF has been given many opportunities to actively participate in the dialogue of Atlanta through various projects, was both a challenging and thrilling admission for Morgan.

While beaming with pride and simultaneously exuding humble gratitude, Skylar and Stephanie detailed a few of the company’s most notable clients: Ponce City Market, Atlantic Station, Westside Provisions Retail District, and a variety of Atlanta hotels and restaurants. 

SMF certainly boasts a diverse portfolio of design and construction work in residential, office, hospitality, public space, and beyond. Although, the husband and wife duo share that the

heartbeat of the company lies in creating furniture for clients’ homes. Residential work keeps the team on their toes, pushing their limits to expand creatively and to learn new capabilities.

With a profound yet simple conviction, the Morgans believe that residential furniture pieces anchor the rooms they occupy, bringing everything and everyone together, providing a tangible peace. Through laughter, the Morgans confess that there really is not anything like the magic that custom armchairs or entry tables provide for a space.

“Everything inside a home deserves to be well-loved and enjoyed,” Morgan says. He encourages shoppers to participate in mindful purchasing, spending money only on what brings happiness to their space. SMF pieces are an investment in more ways than one, benefitting the buyer both visually and—they hope—emotionally.

In addition to providing a breath of fresh air, the Morgans hold fast to the value that custom furniture pieces ought to be sustainably sourced. Each piece of wood used in the production process is hand-picked by their team to ensure the highest quality of materials for their clients. Most often, the wood comes from privately-owned generational farms in more rural areas of states such as Indiana and Ohio.

Also, each piece of wood possesses variant colors, scents, and textures, allowing endless creative possibility. Again, this allows SMF pieces chosen on purpose and for a purpose to transcend time and trend.

Owning a business in which working with one’s hands is mandatory undoubtedly means each day is a grind. The Morgans find great pleasure and satisfaction in their artistic products, though, as they work with talented individuals, in a city they love, and for loyal clients.

Whether it be in its transparency of sustainability, generosity of community, integrity in materials, or talent in design, Skylar Morgan Furniture has undoubtedly built a fascinating brand within the furniture industry.

Skylar and Stephanie have discovered the ever-desired and often mysterious path of making career out of passion, and the city of Atlanta and beyond are the grateful recipients of their artistic and thoughtfully curated furniture products.