Editor's Letter: Harvest 2023

Editor's Letter: Harvest 2023

Harvest season is upon us—the time to revel in the bountiful rewards of the hard work we’ve put in throughout the year. This issue captures the spirit of the harvest—the season of reaping what you sow and witnessing the sweet fruits of your labor.

In the South, reaping what you sow is both literal and metaphorical. There’s no better time to visit your favorite restaurant than late summer/early fall—the produce is unmatched. In this issue, we celebrate the places that deserve your appetite’s attention. Heat things up at the tailgate with Jen Hatmaker’s mouth watering wings (p92) and discover the Mississippi town changing the way we think about southern tea (p50). Make your must-try bucket list with our Special Promotion, featuring can’t-miss food and drink across the South (p66)—including the fun and funky Cocktail Trail in Downtown Tupelo (p68). We'll also give you the inside scoop on the good-for-you foods that will help you ditch your vitamins (p54).

But the harvest extends beyond food and drink. We dive into the rise of pickleball, a sport that's sweeping the South and capturing hearts along the way (p118). And we take your soul on a journey where the melodies of the South echo through time (p16). There’s so much to savor, to celebrate, to enjoy—to live for. 

Join us as we give thanks for the abundance of the harvest, both in nature and our southern culture.

Cheers to a season of harvest and abundance.

The Good Grit Team