Falling for Louisiana Northshore

Falling for Louisiana Northshore

Celebrate Autumn in These Charming Towns

Words by Archie Shelton

The Northshore embraces the changing colors of fall with open arms. As the summer heat wanes, nature dons a vibrant cloak of reds, yellows, and oranges, transforming the Louisiana landscape into a picturesque masterpiece.

In the heart of The Northshore, the Tammany Trace beckons visitors to explore its scenic trail. Stretching over 31 miles, this former railway line winds through picturesque towns, offering a glimpse into the region's rich history and natural wonders. As fall descends upon the Trace, the canopied path becomes adorned with a mosaic of falling leaves, creating a magical scene for the journey.

Covington, one of the trail's starting points, is a haven for art lovers. The charming streets are lined with galleries and boutiques, each fall displaying an array of local talent during the Covington Three Rivers Art Festival, a celebration of creativity and craftsmanship. Artists from near and far showcase their work, while the aroma of Cajun cuisine fills the air. 

A short distance away, the town of Abita Springs welcomes visitors. Known for its legendary springs and the iconic Abita Brewery, this quaint town was a must-visit destination during the fall months. The Abita Fall Fest takes center stage, where locals and tourists alike gather to revel in live music, delectable food, and the brewery's famous craft beers. Underneath the shade of towering oak trees, the festival offers a respite from the sun while showcasing the vibrant community spirit of The Northshore.

Further down the trail, Mandeville offers a different kind of fall experience. The sparkling shores of Lake Pontchartrain provide a stunning backdrop as families picnic on the grassy banks. In this idyllic setting, the Mandeville Trailhead Farmers Market flourishes, featuring a bountiful harvest of seasonal produce and homemade treats. Locals and visitors alike savor freshly baked pies and sip on steaming cups of locally roasted coffee. 

As the trail ventures deeper into The Northshore, the enchanting Fontainebleau State Park greets outdoor enthusiasts with open arms. Nestled along the shores of Lake Pontchartrain, this natural wonderland is a haven for hikers and campers alike. Towering cypress trees set the scene. Nature enthusiasts revel in the fall foliage as they meander through the park's network of trails, encountering wildlife around every bend.

The pinnacle of fall in The Northshore culminates in the annual Fall for Art Festival in downtown. This vibrant event showcases an eclectic fusion of art, music, and cuisine. Local artists proudly display their masterpieces, while musicians serenade the crowds with soulful melodies. 

The Northshore transforms into a kaleidoscope of colors, the spirit of fall captured in the region's rich culture and natural wonders. Whether exploring the Tammany Trace, indulging in local art and cuisine, or simply basking in the beauty of Fontainebleau State Park, visitors and locals alike will fall in love with the autumn magic in this idyllic corner of Louisiana.