Finding Home at Half-Mile Farm

Finding Home at Half-Mile Farm
Just about a five minute drive from downtown Highlands, North Carolina, you’ll find a magical destination that unless you’re looking, you’d never know was there. Roll down the windows, breathe in the mountain air, and follow a peaceful, windy little road until you see Half-Mile Farm on a small wooden sign on your right. Perfectly tucked down a narrow drive and surrounded by the loveliest land and trees, this quaint country inn will surely take your breath away! Cruise slowly around the drive, past glistening Apple Lake where canoes await, and prepare yourself for the rejuvenation that your coming experience holds. A bold archway greets you as your car comes to a stop underneath it – a welcome so warm that it almost feels like a hug.

First steps taken lead to a stone paved path, guiding its visitors through the courtyard, surrounded by gorgeous white buildings–many of which make up the property’s exquisite guest rooms.  With no need for big signage, the path naturally lands at a large door, one that ironically feels both like the entrance to a family member’s house and the grandest entry ever made.

Originally constructed in 1882, this main house was originally a small, family owned Inn. Highlands’ own Old Edwards Hospitality Group purchased the farm in 2015, and has since made it even better than before. Among our favorite things (there are truly too many to list) about escaping to Half-Mile Farm is how well community is cultivated, and the exceptional service. From the staff members taking time to know their guests (and visa versa – trust us, these folks have amazing stories), to the new friends made during morning breakfasts, evening social hours, or time spent around the fireplace. Whether tackling the community puzzle or slowly rowing across the Apple Lake in a canoe, there’s plenty to keep you restfully occupied.

Even after many changes, history can still be felt in a big way at Half-Mile Farm. Guests have the option to book their stay in one of the Historic Main House bedrooms (4 total), no two of which are the same. Staying in the Historic Main House also means that many of the property’s amenities are accessible without even stepping outside!

Here’s what to expect in the Historic Main House: Wake up to the subtle sounds of voices downstairs…it feels like you’re surrounded by a house full of family members (the ones you like, of course). Prepare for your senses to be awakened, quite literally, by the smell of something incredible seeping through the doorway! Once you’ve bravely peeled yourself from the most comfortable bed you’ve ever slumbered in, step out of the bedroom across perfectly mismatched oriental rugs which lay over creaky wooden floors.

Only a few outdoor steps away, the newest stay option is nothing short of luxury! And don’t worry, you’ll still find your senses leading you back to the Main House each morning for chef’s special breakfast of the day (pray its the quiche)! The brand new guest rooms, added to the property in , are a perfect way to feel like you’ve truly escaped.

Here’s what to expect in the ‘New Rooms’:

Upon an evening arrival, tote your complimentary arrival champagne or cocktail from the full bar (now located in the Historic Main House) and prepare to be swept away from true, mountain luxury. Enter into what truly feels like your own place. Take steps into the bathroom which, drumroll please, has heated floors – a treat no matter what season you venture to Highlands! A teacup tub patiently beckons you to a relaxing, salted soak. Back in the bedroom itself, let your inner child take over! LEAP onto the plush, king-sized bed where you will soon lay your head. Take a peek onto the private balcony, inhale the fresh, mountain air once again, then close the blinds and prepare for the best sleep you’ve had in years.

No matter the room experience you choose for your time at Half-Mile Farm (you can also choose to stay in one of ten courtyard rooms or in one of three cabins), there are wonderful delights hidden away throughout the property that words cannot fully depict. 24-7 cookie jar, please and thank you! Gracious team members ready to engage in conversation or give you a local’s perspective on the best food and hiking in the area. Daily, chef curated breakfasts. Slow and steady walks. Evening fires. Time by the pool when the sun makes its glorious appearance. Seasonal, guest chef dinner experiences (tickets available in the link below). Massages. Room signing privileges at the Old Edwards Inn restaurants. We promise that embarking on an adventure to this idyllic, luxury country inn will leave you feeling relaxed and recharged!

Find more information about Half-Mile Farm by Old Edwards by visiting their website, and be sure to sign up for their newsletter to learn about special events, promotions, and more!

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