Gifts That Teachers *Actually* Want

Gifts That Teachers *Actually* Want

Regardless of where we were raised or what schools we went to, we all have something in common: a teacher or two who has influenced us. You know the ones. The teachers who have expanded our view of the world, helped us see learning in a different light, and impacted us more than we could have imagined.

From a young age, teachers help shape our minds. They do more than teach us how to multiply, spell, and locate states on a map. Teachers encourage us, laugh with us, help us find who we are and, on top of it all, they spend countless hours grading. It’s no surprise there is a whole week dedicated to them.

In preparation for Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6-10), we’ve asked some teachers what their favorite gifts are. Here’s what we found out.

Colored Pens

This is by far the most requested gift. Teachers recommend Papermate Flair pens, but any type of pen will do. Pens for grading, pens for writing, pens for planning–teachers need a lot of them.

School Supplies

For a more practical gift, school supplies are the way to go. You can get your favorite teacher dry erase markers, paper, journals, folders, and pencils. All teachers need school supplies and taking this off their mind is helpful.

Gift Cards

Whether you want to treat them to a night out, coffee, or some school supplies, a gift card is the way to go. It could be to their favorite restaurant, the movies, a mani/pedi, or other fun experiences. Being that many teachers work longer than 40 hour work weeks for less pay, taking the thought of finances and food off of their minds is a hard gift to beat.


You can’t go wrong with chocolate. Whether you feel inspired to get dark chocolate, a Snickers bar, chocolate with blueberries in it, or just plain old milk chocolate, teachers will appreciate it. Unless they are allergic to chocolate, then don’t do this.

A Homemade Card

For something a little more thoughtful, a homemade card is perfect. You can write down a favorite memory, how they’ve impacted you, or something funny. Whatever you decide to do, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Coffee or Tea

In all reality, caffeine fixes everything. After late nights of grading papers or lesson planning, teachers need an extra boost of energy. Gift your favorite teacher bags of coffee or tea. You can’t go wrong with caffeine.


This is a fun gift that won’t disappoint. They can use candles for relaxation, to have a nice smell in their classroom, or to put in their home.

Babysitting Coupons

If you want to get creative, Babysitting Coupons are the way to go. You can give your favorite teacher dining gift cards along with specific dates you are available to babysit. This way, they can have a free night out. During the school year or even the summer, give your teachers a couple of free lunch dates, date nights, or a night on the town.

Through the craziness of spending time with kids all day and grading papers, it’s easy to forget these hard-working people have a life outside of work. That’s why it’s important to celebrate teachers. Whether they walked us through a tough time, taught us about a subject we loved, or helped us discover what our next steps were - all of us have been influenced by teachers.

We love teachers and we know you do too. Whether it is your child’s teacher, your teacher, or a friend who teaches, brighten their week with these gifts.