Girls Trip: Winter Vacation at Virginia Beach

Cavalier Hotel and Beach Club at Christmas
Words and photos by Sarah Margaret Spivey
Looking for a quaint, quiet, and enjoyable getaway this season? Look no further than Virginia Beach, Virginia. Just a 20-minute drive from a major, international airport, Virginia Beach is the quintessential place to simply get out of your normal routine, and step into a world of good food, relaxation, and endless activities. Even in its ‘shoulder season’, Virginia Beach offers guests a wide array of memory making fun!

Ready to Cavalier Hotel and Beach Club at Christmasget out of town, I packed my bags on a Wednesday morning, grabbed my best girlfriend, and beelined to the airport. We were both equally excited to explore a new city and laugh until our bellies hurt. Within just a quick few hours, we found ourselves transported to a town that was filled with salty sea air. Leaving the airport, we weren’t quite sure what to expect, but as soon as we rounded the corner and caught a glimpse of The Historic Cavalier Hotel & Beach Club, we knew we were in for an exciting two days. To paint the picture, The Cavalier is perched on top of a hill, a block away from the ocean. With grand red brick and gold finishing, you can tell that if this hotel could talk, there would be some serious stories to tell. The inside is just as decadent, with holiday decorations double our size. Huge fireplaces, cozy bar nooks, delicious food, and a luxurious spa experience awaited us.

After arriving late (and ordering too much pizza to our room), we woke up the next morning and didn’t even have to leave our hotel. We decided to spend our morning relaxing at The Sea Hill Spa, located within The Cavalier. With an 80-minute Himalayan Salt Stone Massage in the books, we left feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. We even spent time in the whirlpool and beautiful indoor infinity pool, an added bonus. That evening, we decided to grab a drink in The Raleigh Room, located in The Cavalier’s lobby, before our reservations at the hotel’s restaurant, Becca. The Raleigh Room was decked out in cozy décor that made you want to sit down and stay awhile… which is exactly what we did. With our host, we chatted, swapped stories, and laughed while sipping on a wonderful holiday cocktail. Eventually, we moseyed over to Becca, where we dined on delicious seafood. Becca invited our conversations, while maintaining an intimate setting. We stayed for what seemed like hours, entrenched in telling ghost stories that supposedly surround The Historic Cavalier. The evening wrapped up, and we were all full of good food and fellowship, content with our recharging day spent within the walls of The Cavalier. Cavalier Hotel Swimming Pool

The next morning, we ventured outside The Cavalier to explore the surrounding area of Virginia Beach. We were met with quaint breakfast spots, a thriving art district, filled with vibrant artisans, and (of course), more delicious seafood. We opted to see the town on bicycles rented at The Cavalier, knowing we’d be cooped up on a plane later in the evening. This ended up being our favorite decision made, as we got to see the 3-mile boardwalk in its entirety. The boardwalk runs alongside Virginia Beach’s golden sand, and holds unique stops along the way, include a 3-story statue of King Neptune! This was the perfect way to get outside, see the town, and truly feel the salty breeze. Visiting Virginia Beach in December allowed for a quiet and peaceful setting to explore in… although we’re already planning a trip back in the Summer to check out the quirky shops and stores found by the beach. After our bike adventure, we grabbed our bags and headed toward the airport. While a quick trip, we left Virginia Beach knowing that we had made memories, experienced a new place, and returning with a new recommendation for all of our friends. Be back soon, Virginia Beach!

two girls bike riding on beach