Golden Resilience

Golden Resilience
Words by Ashley Hurst
 Almost 60 years ago, Stewart Simonson was looking for a gift for his wife, Mary Jane. While living in Puerto Rico, he had become familiar with the Cuban tradition of gifting gold bangles, and with that in mind, he gifted her a simple gold bangle bracelet for their wedding anniversary. He had no idea the beautiful ripple effect his gift would have.

The following year, he purchased another simple gold bangle. And another the year after. With that, a family tradition was born. When Mary Jane passed, Stewart passed her bracelets on to her five children to continue that tradition in their own marriages. It was a tradition they and the following generation would embrace in a way he never dreamed.

The family began sharing the tradition with friends and extended family, gifting the first bangle to each couple on their wedding day. But they struggled to find a reliable source for bangles of the quality they were looking for. Each bracelet should be beautiful but should also be strong and resilient enough for daily wear.

While pregnant with her second daughter, Stewart and Mary Jane’s granddaughter, Ann, took a metal working class at her alma mater, Vanderbilt University. Fascinated by the process, she spent months learning how to solder gold to create her own bracelets.

Eventually, Ann couldn’t resist her desire to share the tradition on a larger scale. She created a studio in her home where she could continue her family’s history. With a mission to create custom heirloom-quality jewelry, she launched Yearly Co., a jewelry company specializing in handmade 14k gold bangles.

Ann says, “I think jewelry is meant to be beautiful, well made, and meaningful. Worn day after day, year after year.” And that is evident in each bangle made by Yearly Co.

Inspired by Stewart and Mary Jane, Yearly Co. values tradition and quality. They source their materials in the U.S. and use small-scale production to ensure every piece is exactly as it should be—ready to tell a woman’s story. Each bracelet commemorates a special event—an anniversary, a birth, or any number of other significant milestones. Available in yellow, rose, and white gold, or with differing weights, monograms, initials, diamonds, and twists, customizing your unique stack is easy.

Yearly Co. is committed to going above and beyond serving their customers. With their sizing kit and resizing services, you can ensure your bangles fit perfectly through all of your milestones. And they even have a subscription service for those who might be a little forgetful!

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