Good Grit's Guide To Creating Pinterest-Worthy Shelves

Good Grit's Guide To Creating Pinterest-Worthy Shelves

Do you see beautifully decorated shelves on Pinterest and wish yours looked like that? Have no fear! We’re here to give you easy-to-follow steps and fail-proof tricks to give you the aspirational shelves you crave!


Photos by AJ Parker

Choosing What to Display

Display shelves make a huge impact on a home. They provide a great opportunity to keep special items where you can see them, and provide the function of having what you use at arm’s length. Check out our go-to tips and tricks to merge style and function for your home. 

  1. Accessories: Mix new with vintage
  2. Needs: Display your prettiest items you frequently use
  3. Organic: Add in some natural elements

Work in Diagonals

  1. Work in diagonals placing large anchor items first  
  2. Continue placing similar shapes in diagonals 
  3. Keep useable items in reach 
  4. Fill in with small accessories. Viola! 

The Rule of Three

  1. Have a baseline of three categories with at least three items each 
  2. Mix sizing: Use larger items to anchor the shelf and smaller items to fill in holes 
  3. What makes you happy? Display things that are sentimental and bring joy! 
  4. Functionality: Shelves should be used! Be sure to include some items that are functional as well