Heirloom Artifacts

Heirloom Artifacts

Shop like an interior designer

Words by Ashley Locke
Photos by Abigail Bobo


Stephanie Sabbe has always had a passion for design, and her journey as an interior designer led her to open her own Nashville shop, Heirloom Artifacts. As a self-proclaimed "hunter-gatherer," Stephanie curates unique pieces from all over the world, blending the old with the new to create an eclectic, timeless aesthetic. Her shop offers all the things that make a home feel cozy, from rugs and art to antique furniture and lighting.

Her design philosophy is centered around the idea of creating spaces that feel personal and meaningful. She believes that every piece in a room should have a story and a purpose, whether it's a family heirloom or a handcrafted piece from a local artisan. At Heirloom Artifacts, Stephanie encourages her customers to embrace their individual style and to mix and match pieces to create a space that truly reflects who they are.

Her shop has become a go-to destination for Nashville locals looking for unique, high-quality home decor. Stephanie’s passion for design and her eye for detail are evident in every piece she curates, and her shop is a reflection of her dedication to creating beautiful, meaningful spaces. Start your search for interior design inspiration with some of Stephanie’s favorite Heirloom Artifacts pieces:

  • Candle Chasers – These brass shade carriers allow you to convert a ⅞” straight candle into a lamp while holding a warmly lit paper shade. 
  • Thompson Branch Lamps – Inspired by 17th century spindle furniture and named after the dirt road where my grandmother resided, these rechargeable, cordless walnut lamps are handmade. 
  • Ticking Stripe Quilts – This is one of our most used quilts in our work, made by Taylor Linens. Our very first project to make its way around the web had a pair of ticking stripe quilts, so it felt natural to include the same in our shop offering. 
  • Decorative Antique Found Objects – I am a treasure hunter and particularly love old handmade pottery and vintage wooden candlesticks. The shop has been a place for me to share some of the things I have collected over the past 10 years. 
  • Turkish Rugs – We have an amazing rug dealer, and we’re excited to be able to share some of our favorite finds beyond just our clients’ homes. 

Stephanie’s shop is in the often glossed over Nashville neighborhood of Belle Meade. It’s not normally a tourist destination, but locals know that it should be. Here’s Stephanie’s guide to what you can’t miss in Belle Meade!

  1. FLWR Shop – They have the best, most creative floral offerings in town, and their shop is adorable. 
  2. Roze Pony – We eat there probably five times a week, and it never gets old. It is hands down the only restaurant in Belle Meade where style is a major factor in the experience.
  3. Coop ‘N Scoop at Belle Meade Historic Site & Winery – The ice cream is amazing, and the architecture is even better. They also have free mini golf and bocce, the Italian version of lawn bowling. It’s our favorite after-school treat. (And yes—we have also used it to teach our children about the sad history of plantations in the South.)
  4. Cheekwood Estate & Gardens – This is one of our favorite places ever! We have so many sweet memories at this historic spot—our favorite was the amazing storybook-themed playhouses they built a couple of years ago. 
  5. Sperry’s - If you know you know—and yes, get the bananas foster. 
  6. Magpies- This is my favorite shop on this side of town for adorable baby gifts, and a few doors down they have a girls' shop that my two are obsessed with.