Hot Neighborhood: Charleston's Circle Park

Hot Neighborhood: Charleston's Circle Park
Words by Katelyn Chef

South Carolina—the Palmetto State—is known for its southern charm as well as  it's hospitality. Whether you’re an SC local or a visitor, there is plenty to do. Each activity and adventure is as rich as the state’s history, and as sweet as their famous peaches.

Travel looks a little (okay, a lot) different right now. South Carolina’s southern friendliness, however, is still as warm and hearty as a bowl of homemade grits.

There is one friendly southern neighborhood that has been under the radar—Charleston’s Park Circle. It has been recently dubbed ‘The South’s Hottest Neighborhood.’ Taking a stroll through the area makes it easy to see why this neighborhood is getting so much hype. 

Case in point, there is a picturesque butterfly garden called Park Circle Butterfly Garden, Instagram-able park murals, and a local distillery, Firefly Distillery. Newcomers love the darling, old-fashioned, red pickup parked out front of Firefly. 

For those local to the South, or people wanting to pre-plan a little autumn outing, Charleston’s Park Circle is open and welcoming! Park Circle has safety and social distancing methods in place for the current pandemic. Plus, they are optimistically looking forward to the fall travel season. Charleston’s Park Circle offers a unique opportunity for a fun weekend retreat. If nothing else, it's the perfect spot to slip away mid-week.

Scott Newitt, Co-owner of the quintessential Firefly Distillery had an exclusive q&a with Good Grit Magazine.  

Good Grit: What is it like visiting Park Circle in times of Corona?

Scott Newitt: Visiting Park Circle is ideal given the current climate due to being less crowded and more spread out when compared to downtown Charleston. Park Circle is full of endless options for socially distanced outdoor fun like disc golf and a butterfly garden at the Felix C Davis Community Center, walking around Quarterman Park and live music on the Firefly Distillery lawn. 

Good Grit: What safety precautions are the town is taking? What should visitors take into consideration before visiting?  

Scott Newitt: Along with the City of Charleston, all of Park Circle is taking precautions to ensure its residents and visitors are kept safe during COVID. Restaurants like Dashi, distilleries like Firefly and entertainment venues like Blade & Bull Axe Throwing remains at 50% capacity. Masks are required at all indoor facilities and many have hand sanitizer (usually Firefly Distillery) throughout the property.

Good Grit: Does Park Circle have any upcoming activities and or small gatherings for Labor Day into the fall season?

Scott Newitt: Firefly Distillery Safe Sounds Fall Outdoor Concert Series- September 5-October 31.

One of the newest additions to Park Circle neighborhood, Firefly Distillery created a unique outdoor concert series called Safe Sounds that took place this summer. This live music series is returning for the fall, with concerts each Saturday from 6-10 p.m. on their spacious lawn. Concert goers can purchase tickets in packs of four which secures them a ten by ten socially distanced square to safely enjoy the live music performance. More info here.

Good Grit: What is the town like in the fall? 

Scott Newitt: Park Circle is bustling in the fall with lots of locals and tourists alike, flocking for the ideal temperatures, delicious restaurants, lively bars and family-friendly activities.

Good Grit: Can you describe the town in five words or less?

Scott Newitt: Revitalized, friendly, relaxed, artsy, evolving.