Harvard Graduate Dr. Tyler Thigpen Guides Us Through at Home Education

Harvard Graduate Dr. Tyler Thigpen Guides Us Through at Home Education

The COVID-19 crisis does not seem to be going away any time soon, which means many parents are faced with the choice to send their children back to school or continue remote learning, making them their child’s primary educator—a job many parents have become more familiar with than they would have ever thought. Luckily, The Forest School Co-founder, Dr. Tyler Thigpen, is supporting parents, caregivers, and educators with a FREE e-book that empowers parents and caregivers with the tools needed to effectively facilitate learning at home.

Dr. Thigpen’s approach to remote learning doesn’t just focus on the academic success of children. Instead, he also integrates emotional and moral development into the curriculum, which introduces critical thinking alongside self-worth and empathy, shaping students into independent, active learners.

The e-book explores how parents can create an effective educational environment by using core building blocks of education that shape a child’s learning environment and experience: 

  • Curriculum, assessment and instruction 
  • Schedules and routines 
  • Space 
  • Technology 
  • Cultural practices 
  • Partnerships 
  • Communication

Dr. Thigpen breaks down these building blocks to help parents know what they can do to help their child become independent, at-home learners. The e-book will help ensure that there is a successful educational year ahead!

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