Inaugural Firkin Fête at Alys Beach

Inaugural Firkin Fête at Alys Beach
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Words by: Emma Harchanko

Photos Provided by Alys Beach Firkin Fête


Looking for an excuse to take that last beach trip to South Walton? Look no further. Alys Beach’s inaugural Firkin Fête has you covered.

Alys Beach has crafted a brand-new experience for beer lovers, centered around a firkin. What is a firkin? Don’t worry, we had to learn too! A firkin is a cask that can be made of wood or metal that holds 10.8 gallons of beer. The most intriguing part about a firkin is that not even the brewer or the taster will know what the beer tastes like until the firkin is tapped. This is because the beer actually undergoes a second fermentation process while inside.

This creates an incredible energy and excitement as festival-goers gather round to be the first to try the unveiled invention. A firkin can be intimidating for some brewers and tasters– once the beer is inside the firkin and begins to undergo its second fermentation process, it will be a surprise for everyone what the beer tastes like on the other side. But, that’s also what makes it so exciting for everyone in attendance.

It wouldn’t be a fête (French for “party) without local, live music and culinary creations from Chef Drew Dzejak, executive chef at Alys Beach. Chef Dzejak is drawing on his 18 years of experience to create delicious seasonal pairings for several of the beer options.

For those who want to support their craft beer lover but aren’t a beer lover themselves– fear not! There will also be cocktail creations to go along with the outstanding culinary options and live, local music.

The weekend kicks off with a mixer on Thursday, October 24 from 6:30- 9:00 p.m. Take a lap around the Grayton Beer Co. Taproom during an intimate night of sampling beer from several local breweries. Some of the breweries represented include Back Forty Beer Co., Good People Brewing Co., Props Brewery, and Intuition Ale works– plus, Distillery 98 and Brown Forman. Attendees will also enjoy dinner and live music coordinated by the Grayton Beer Brewpub. See the full list of breweries and distilleries here.

On Friday, October 25 from 6:30-9:00 p.m., the Firkin Fête officially begins on the Kelly Green at Alys Beach. Firkins will be tapped, food will be served, music will be enjoyed, and amazing memories will be made with your crew and all of the breweries and distilleries represented. Get your kickoff mixer ticket, all-inclusive Firkin Fête, or both, here.

 The Firkin Fête will be an awesome opportunity to spend the weekend in the coastal neighborhood of Alys Beach. Turn it into a girls’ weekend or a grab your guys and rent a house right on the Florida gulf coast! Take time to enjoy all that Alys Beach has to offer this fall.