Lucy's Market: Buckhead's Hidden Gem

Lucy's Market: Buckhead's Hidden Gem
Words by Ashley Locke
Photos provided by Lucy’s Market
 Every big idea starts with a seed. Kim Wilson’s started with several seeds–a whole garden’s worth really. She played in the dirt in her own backyard, nurturing fruits and vegetables until they were ripe for picking. After years of feeding her family the fruits of her labor, she decided to permanently say goodbye to her day job and bring her newfound passion to the public.

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and Kim found her treasure in the midst of the recession. In 2009 she found an abandoned Atlanta gas station on Roswell Road, nestled in the heart of Buckhead–Thanks to a $1000 gift from her father, it became the first location of Lucy’s Market.

There are two special Lucys in Kim’s life, her grandmother and her daughter. Her market is named after them both, capturing the spirit of family in her business. Everything is homegrown, hand-picked, or made with love. The produce is sourced from nearby farms. Lucy has been feeding neighbors only the best for the last nine years.

Though it started out a small vegetable stand, today Lucy’s Market has far more to offer. Prepared food, wine, flowers, and home décor now take up space in the market. It’s a one stop shop whether you’re putting together a tailgate or a cocktail party. Traditional farmers’ markets are only open on the weekend, but Lucy’s offers her goods Monday through Saturday each week, which means you never have to go a night without fresh, local vegetables on your plate.

With the support of her family, Kim was able to grow Lucy’s beyond her wildest dreams. The market is now in a new location, still in Buckhead, but in a bigger space. Her success is also due to the relationships she forms with shoppers, many who have been shopping at Lucy’s since its first days at the abandoned gas station.

It’s hard to stay away from the market. Kim acts as a hostess, making you feel like you’re visiting a friend’s home. She’ll help you build a gift basket, pick out the best jam for your breakfast, or offer you a fresh baked good. It’s not just Kim–her employees have the same friendly demeanor. You come from the produce, but you come back for the people.

Next time you’re near Atlanta, it’s worth making the trip to Lucy’s Market. The eclectic market is a cheery stop for tourists and locals alike. If you love real food and real people, you’ll love Lucy’s.