New Technology Company Changing the Game for Non-Profits

New Technology Company Changing the Game for Non-Profits
Words by Sarah Pitts

Do you know the true impact of your generosity?

Imagine if any time you gave—whether to a nonprofit, mission group, disaster relief fund, church, or other charitable organization—you were able to see exactly where your money was going and the tangible outcomes.

It should be easy to see the impact of your giving. But even though billions of dollars are donated every year, there’s never been any type of technology or system to aggregate all of that impact and make it available in real-time. Before now, there’s never been a unifying, easily accessible platform for philanthropic accountability. 

That’s why Lee Domingue took his 31 years of business acumen and applied that expertise to create M360, the first generosity management system of its kind. Lee has always had an entrepreneurial knack for looking toward the desired result then working backward to get there. 

What he envisioned when he first conceived of M360 was a tool to connect those who want to give (Funders) with those who need funding (Receivers), while also cultivating accountability and transparency in the philanthropic sector to ensure that donated dollars are making the maximum impact.

Thanks to decades of business success as an entrepreneur in sectors ranging from financial technology to healthcare, Lee has been able to support many organizations and projects he’s been passionate about. He’s always believed in living open-handed and open-hearted—but two decades ago, Lee realized he was feeling a dissonance between his work as a businessperson and his faith as a follower of Christ. He began to feel guilty for the selfishness of pursuing personal success and started to see his job as a distraction from what mattered in his life: leaving a legacy that reached beyond himself.

But when Lee recognized that what he did for a living was his calling, he saw that life had given him opportunities that went beyond the self. Rather than focusing on his own personal return on investment, he began to think in terms of eternal return on investment—leveraging his talents and resources for exponential returns that branched beyond his own sphere of influence (or e-ROI, in Lee’s terms).

But generosity without guidance does nothing long-term. Although measuring outcomes is essential in business (a sector driven by money), there’s no organization or technology measuring outcomes of nonprofits and mission organizations (a sector driven by money). While Lee was on a return flight from a mission trip, he had an idea to remedy this: Why not use his expertise to develop an underwriting platform for charitable organizations similar to a portfolio management tool used in the financial services world? This was the conception of M360.

The philanthropy platform emerges as a tool to streamline a fragmented multi-billion dollar industry. Lee’s unique program has been in the works for the last three years and in beta testing for the last 18 months. M360 officially launches on Oct. 13 with the goal of connecting Funders  to organizations (Receivers) making an impact, and connecting organizations with the funding they need to complete projects. 

There’s also an accountability aspect: M360 is free for Receivers, but they pay in transparency. The real-time reporting component allows Funders to see exactly how much money has been raised for a given project and how much work has been done. Lee leveraged his experience with financial technology to create an algorithm that assigns each Receiver a numerical score called the mSCORE. This number is calculated with over 500 metrics that pertain to the given charitable category. It updates in real-time and can be seen by current and potential Funders.

These Funders, which can be individuals or organizations, pay between $100 to $600 per month (depending on how many organizations they support) to access the generosity platform and find projects to donate to. This subscription supports the continuation of the online service, and Funders can access a wide variety of information about the causes they sponsor.

In short, M360 takes the guesswork out of giving and generosity to help organizations doing great work find a larger support base and help Funders put their money where it matters most. 

Lee believes that every person is going to leave a legacy — but the type of legacy you leave is up to you. There’s no reason to wait to reach a certain age or socioeconomic status to start your legacy. It’s about recognizing what you’ve been given, whether that’s resources or abilities, and finding ways to invest it in others.