Modern Artist, Contemporary Art

Modern Artist, Contemporary Art
Words by S.A. Maples
 In my past life, before I was a full-time professional artist, I was an interior decorator. In the design work of the most exquisite designers, as well as my own, I often became mush over rooms that contained contemporary art. This type of art fits seamlessly into any style of decorating, from traditional spaces to the most lavish, gold-plated rooms. 

Contemporary art adds a certain je ne sais quoi to an otherwise non-inspired space. So, what is contemporary art? Contemporary art is the art of today—namely paintings, photographs, sculptures, and installation performance pieces, as well as video art. A hint: think abstracts and work that most people coin, wrongly, as “modern art.” How does one get their hands on this kind of art? If you are not an art curator or an artist, seeking out contemporary art is probably not going to feel natural for you. I have a few insider tips if you want to start collecting contemporary art but don’t know where to start.

Gone are the days of perusing local galleries for art. Your friend here is the internet. With a few clicks, you can have art from around the world right in front of you. There are a plethora of online venues from which to choose, so to keep it simple, let’s start with Instagram. You read that right. Instagram is the hottest social media platform in the art world. Social media is free advertising, and entrepreneurs, such as artists, love free advertising—thus, social media is crawling with creatives of all kinds. 

If you want to become a savvy contemporary art collector, you will want to learn how to use Instagram. One of the keys to using social media is hashtags, so you will need to know what they are and how to use them before you get started. Typing in hashtags on Instagram, such as #contemporaryart or #abstractart, can help you learn what kinds of art speak to you, as well as which artists you connect with most, so I encourage you to take a few minutes to read up on how to utilize artsy hashtags.

When making the decision on which piece of contemporary art to purchase, keep one thought in mind: Choose art for how it makes you feel. Does it give you the warm and fuzzies? If so, that piece is speaking to you. Do not choose art based on the idea that it must match your home’s décor. Conquer bare walls with art that makes you feel enchanted every time you look at it.

It is important to keep in mind that others are seeking out great contemporary art on Instagram as well, so be sure not to hesitate too long on that meaningful piece before deciding to buy—or you may miss out.