On Culture with Stephanie Davis

On Culture with Stephanie Davis

Photo by James Acomb

How does culture inspire your creativity?

Have an open mind.

It's easy to be stuck in your bubble and own personal aesthetic. Talk to people and experience things that are different from what you're used to. Ask questions. The first step to creativity is curiosity.

Break your routine.

If you're a maximalist, live a day as a Japanese minimalist. Turn on some music with words you don't understand and see how it still makes you feel (Edith Piaf is a great one). Eat food from a country you've never experienced. What we create is a product of our experiences, and inspiration is everywhere.

History is important.

The first step to being cultured is understanding how things became the way they are. I adore history, and whatever medium you're working in, it's crucial you learn from the original masters first!

Be a sponge.

Ever heard of the book, Steal Like an Artist? When I'm trying to be super creative, I will absorb as much as possible and take all of those elements to create something new. The colors from a Bollywood movie, an energetic song that made me want to design something bright and happy, the style of the font I saw on an old sign during a joy ride—what you make of it is up to you!