Oxford Odyssey

Oxford Odyssey

Pioneers Shaping a New Narrative in Mississippi

Renowned for its rich literary legacy, Oxford, Mississippi is now witnessing a new era unfold—trailblazing in the art of human connection—through storytelling, food, and hospitality. This remarkable generation of business owners and entrepreneurs are making their mark in the local community with an impact that reaches around the world.

Erin Austen Abbott

Erin Austen Abbott is a content creator and author based in Water Valley, Mississippi. Her work reflects a deep connection to the South, particularly Mississippi, where she chooses to call home. She has collaborated with brands and publications globally, showcasing the unique stories and culture of the region through her lens. On Instagram, Erin shares glimpses of the soul of the South. Her books, "How To Make It" and "Family Field Trip," delve into topics like living out creative dreams and the art of travel. Erin's work emphasizes the power of embracing and sharing the narratives that define our roots, contributing to the preservation and celebration of Southern culture.

Chand Harlow, Rob Forster and Thomas Alexander

The trio of Chand Harlow, Rob Forster, and Thomas Alexander are the visionaries behind Wonderbird Gin, a distillery located in Taylor, Mississippi. Departing from their corporate backgrounds across the U.S., they joined forces to disrupt the spirits scene. Wonderbird Gin is not only known for producing exceptional spirits but also for its commitment to supporting local agriculture. The distillery uses rice from Two Brooks Farms in the Mississippi Delta, employing a Japanese distillation method to create a unique botanical gin. The recent expansion of Wonderbird reflects not only business growth but also symbolizes the positive impact on the local community that rallies behind them.

Pablo Corona and Chad Collier

Caffecitos, a small coffee trailer located under the Old Armory Pavilion in Oxford, is the brainchild of Pablo Corona and Chad Collier. More than just a caffeine fix, Caffecitos aims to deliver a daily dose of happiness and positivity. Pablo's warm personality and commitment to goodness are central to their business model. From service to social media, Caffecitos creates an experience that extends beyond a cup of coffee. Their Instagram features the smiles the trailer elicits daily, turning the coffee venture into a must-try, uplifting experience.

Kate Bishop and John Martin

Chicory Market, situated as a full-service grocery in Oxford, is the result of Kate Bishop and John Martin’ commitment to supporting local. The duo transformed a former produce stand into a community hub that champions local farmers and purveyors. Beyond fresh produce, Chicory Market radiates sustainability and accessibility for the entire community. The market acts as a bridge between local producers and consumers, fostering a space where everyone can thrive. Kate and John's commitment to supporting local businesses is evident in every aspect of Chicory Market.

Chef Joel Miller

Chef Joel Miller is the talent behind The Oliver Hotel's Kingswood Restaurant in Oxford. With a rich culinary history, including ownership of the much-missed local favorite, The Ravine, Miller has become a constant force in the Oxford food scene. His commitment to local farmers and purveyors is a hallmark of his work in the kitchen. The innovative menus at Kingswood not only tantalize taste buds but also reflect Miller's deep-rooted connection to the local community, creating a dining experience that goes beyond the plate.

Joe Stinchcomb and Ross Hester

Joe Stinchcomb and Ross Hester have created a haven for cocktail enthusiasts at Bar Muse, located in the historic Lyric Theater on the Oxford Square. Recognized by Esquire as one of the Top 100 Bars in America in 2022, Bar Muse showcases the artistry of mixology and contributes to the vibrancy of Oxford's nightlife. In 2022, Stinchcomb and Hester expanded their offerings with Good Day Café, a lunchtime favorite situated in the alley outside The Lyric. Their ventures are at the forefront of the dynamic and diverse offerings in Oxford's ever-growing culinary scene.