Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

Swann Lake Stables is the perfect backdrop to your wedding

Words by Sheila Chau

Photos by Lauren Bailey Photography Wesley and Emma Photography, Emily Battles Photography, and Cru Photo

Swann Lake Stables is a staple to Birmingham, Alabama, known for hosting events, having a history of hosting weddings, rehearsal dinners, and corporate events—however, they mainly host weddings. Located on the outskirts of Cahaba Heights, this venue is in the perfect area, with restaurants, shopping, and more. Surrounded by acres of land with the ease of a city, it is truly the best of both worlds. 

The upper barn has four rustic stalls, a grand room with a bar area and iron chandelier, an indoor balcony, a brick patio that wraps around one side of the stables, a stone patio that is built directly into the river, and a large, beautiful grass lawn. In addition to this, Swann Lake Stables also has outdoor options that feature the amazing Little Cahaba River. The venue has picture perfect scenery, and the space can cater to a multitude of people—appealing to more than one type of aesthetic. 

The style of the venue is truly its own. It was built with the intention of being a horse boarding facility, so it has a rustic western feel—but with touches of femininity: custom white draping and tile flooring, globe lighting, and more. The big beams, sliding glass doors, and historic brick were all inspired by homes in Montana and Wyoming. With the amount of care put into the design, everyone will feel welcome—and Swann Lake Stables is meant to feel like a home, not simply an event venue. 

Swann Lake Stables even has a rich history to accompany it. It was originally owned by the famous Theodore Swann, a local businessman who also built the Swann House (Swann Castle) at the base of Red Mountain. He initially built a barn where the current stables are, but it was, sadly, damaged with time. The current owners, Alex and Marjorie Jones, bought it in 2004 and rebuilt the barn with the intention of using part of it as a horse boarding facility. As time went on, however, someone asked to host a wedding—and photos of the wedding began to circulate. “Over time, we realized that we could make more of an impact as an event venue than a horse boarding facility, and made the official transition,” says Kibbe Jones, new manager of Swann Lake Stables. 

Ultimately, what separates Swann Lake Stables from other places is the care they put into the events they host. “It is truly a blessing. We take the trust that couples put in us very seriously and do everything we can to help them have the smoothest, most stress-free wedding as possible,” says Jones. Swann Lake Stables truly understands the importance and care needed for hosting events. The Joneses can empathize with the stress that brides and grooms go through on their wedding day, making worried couples feel less isolated and more at home. 

Even when things go awry, such as weather, the hosts know what to do and are able to remain calm. “Something will always not go to plan. You just need to be flexible and learn to pivot without panicking,” said Jones. You want to feel your absolute best on such an important day as your wedding, and Swann Lake Stables wants this for every event they host. “It’s truly a rewarding line of work,” says Jones.