Protect Your Financial Future With Grinkmeyer Leonard Financial

Protect Your Financial Future With Grinkmeyer Leonard Financial

The last few months have made a lot of us take a long, hard look at two aspects of our lives—our health, and our finances. Many people are realizing that they didn’t manage their money as well as they thought they did—they didn’t have enough saved, they invested in the wrong companies, or they let their debt grow. Fortunately, it’s never too late to change your financial situation, but where do you start?

Grinkmeyer Leonard Financial was founded to protect you from situations like we’re in now. “When you walk out of your house and around your neighborhood, everything may look great. If you get underneath the foundation, you might find a lot of things that could affect the neighborhood,” said Trent Grinkmeyer. “We get underneath. We’re constantly looking for things that could stop the sun from coming up tomorrow." 

"We don’t just look at the positives of the market—we risk manage for the environment today.”

The global economy makes shifts daily, but step back and you can see larger patterns. At Grinkmeyer Leonard, they are constantly analyzing and researching the economic climate on both a micro and macro scale. Their relentless study leads them to see other global economic events that others may not take into account. “Back two years ago, we saw evidence that the global economy was slowing. We saw that as an issue and balanced portfolios to protect from that,” said Trent. “As we saw the global macro picture deteriorating, we continued to reduce risk.”

That type of risk management is vital when it comes to protecting your financial future. “Everyone has different dreams and goals, and the thing that sets those back is losing a significant portion of your investment. We look at things beyond what they talk about on television. This isn’t about what is current—the coronavirus was a trigger that set off dominos that the last 10 years set up,” said Trent.

Grinkmeyer Leonard takes care of your personal finances as well as your investment portfolio. 

Each person they serve has a custom-tailored plan that works in sync with your financial goals, whether you’re trying to lower your debt, build a cash reserve, or save for life events like college or retirement.

Your investment portfolio works in tandem with that. “In risk managing your portfolio, we’re looking for things that could trip you up and set your investment back. We’re also looking for opportunities to grow investment portfolios. We focus on companies that are changing our world—We’re very proactive and process driven. We have a quantitative-qualitative approach when it comes to investment,” said Trent. “We apply that concept to personal financial households, as well. We want to strengthen your financial position.”

Our daily lives are often already busy. Juggling work, kids, errands, and cleaning leaves little room for learning a new skill like financial management. You don’t have to do it on your own, though. Grinkmeyer Leonard guides you, so you can rest easy knowing that your financial future will be in good shape—even if disaster strikes.

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