Swimming Upstream

Swimming Upstream

Bluehouse Salmon Uses New Technology to Create Sustainable Salmon in the South 

Words by Mallory Lehenbauer

Bluehouse Salmon takes sustainability, taste, and health seriously. Their mission revolves around promoting environmentally responsible salmon farming methods. They prioritize fish welfare and minimize environmental impacts while ensuring that their fish is delicious and healthy. 

Based in Miami, Florida Bluehouse Salmon “aims to meet the growing demand for seafood while ensuring the long-term health of both fish and ecosystems. The net result is a better product that improves people’s lives and protects the environment,” Max Francia, Atlantic Sapphire’s Marketing Director explains. Francia is responsible for the consumer brand Bluehouse Salmon and is passionate about strategic planning in the food sector. 

Francia is leading the way in developing Bluehouse Salmon's brand. He utilizes his skills “to make a positive impact in the sustainable aquaculture industry, but also, getting our brand message across to the North American consumer so that we continue to create awareness and trial of a better product, healthy for people and planet.”

Bluehouse Salmon has a unique style that is centered around sustainability, transparency, community engagement, innovation, and a commitment to delivering high-quality and healthy salmon. Francia explains that “through these distinguishing features, the company aims to stand out as a leader in responsible aquaculture and contribute to a healthier and more environmentally conscious seafood industry.”

By using new and innovative technology, the ‘Bluehouse’ where the fish are raised is “designed to minimize environmental impact by reducing pressure on wild fisheries, efficiently utilizing resources, preventing pollution, preserving biodiversity, and actively monitoring and researching its operations to ensure environmental responsibility,” Francia says. By using this technology the fish are not wild caught, but they are ethically and environmentally better for the planet. 

“The ‘Bluehouse’ is a state-of-the-art, sustainable aquaculture facility that operates using a closed-loop system. In this system, the water utilized comes from artesian aquifers more than 2,000 ft on average, below the surface, which is a pure source, free of any pollutants,” Francia explains. 

The water used to raise the fish is continuously recirculated, filtered, and treated, creating a controlled and optimized environment for the salmon. A closed-loop system allows for little water waste and helps reduce the risk of releasing pollutants or contaminants into the surrounding environment. 

Bluehouse Salmon values the community around them in Miami by prioritizing environmental stewardship and community well-being through making salmon a more sustainable product. 

“Through sustainable aquaculture practices, Bluehouse Salmon can help preserve the local environment and natural resources,” Francia elaborates. “The company's actions can positively impact the quality of life for residents in the area. Bluehouse Salmon's operations can have broader implications for community well-being, including local job creation. Access to sustainably produced and locally sourced seafood can promote healthier eating habits, leading to improved public health outcomes.” 

Not only is Bluehouse Salmon’s processes and facility better for the environment but it also improves the quality of the salmon by providing a controlled and stress-free environment for the salmon, optimizing their nutrition, and adhering to strict quality assurance measures. 

“These practices lead to healthier, more flavorful, and nutritionally superior salmon for consumers, all while minimizing the environmental impact of the aquaculture operation,” Francia explains. 

Bluehouse Salmon not only produces salmon that are better for the environment, and overall better quality but they are also better for your health. 

“Our salmon is highly valued for its wide range of health benefits, known for being heart-healthy and rich in essential nutrients,” Francia says. “Importantly, because of our unique water source, our salmon are raised in water free of microplastics, and we never use antibiotics.”

Salmon raised in the ‘Bluehouse’ contain higher amounts of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and protein than salmon you regularly find at the grocery store. The fish also has a significantly lower mercury content (more than 90 times below FDA regulations), according to Francia. 

Bluehouse Salmon fresh fillet presentation is available in multiple supermarket chains, including Publix, Sprouts, and Safeway, and our smoked salmon is available online at knowseafood.com. 

To learn more about the Bluehouse Salmon mission, Bluehouse Tech, and the brand Bluehouse Salmon, visit bluehousesalmon.com and find them on social channels @bluehousesalmon.


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