Telling Your Business Story: 4 Ways to Better CONNECT With Your Clients

Telling Your Business Story: 4 Ways to Better CONNECT With Your Clients
Words by Laura Quick

Telling the story of your business, your journey, your team, and the people you serve is wildly important—but not quite as important as WHY you exist. An evocative story helps you create a deeper connection with current and potential clients/customers. Here are four ways you can spruce up the story of your business to drive deeper connection.

After all, connection is our highest form of currency these days.

  1. TALK ABOUT WHY YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO. It’s so important for companies and organizations to articulate their WHY—and you don’t just do this once. This is the thread you should try and weave through all of the content you put into the world: in your social media, on your website, and even when you are being interviewed by media. Your WHY will attract the right talent to work towards your dreams, and it will also attract the right customers!
  2. CELEBRATE YOUR TEAM AND THEIR MEANINGFUL CONTRIBUTIONS PUBLICLY. People LOVE knowing you love your team and your team loves knowing you see them and celebrate their contributions. It will also help you as the leader/owner to celebrate the wins. Unfortunately in business, we aren’t always winning—and damn I wish we were. So, when we do win, WE HAVE TO CELEBRATE. Talking about the wins—even the small ones—publicly helps us remember how to focus on the good, AND our customers LOVE seeing a company that lifts up their team members as the heroes. Choose someone on your team today and make a post about them!
  3. CREATE CONTENT THAT REFLECTS THE PROBLEMS YOUR BUSINESS IS SOLVING FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS REGULARLY. Look—like it or not, businesses are known by the problems we solve for our consumers. If you aren’t solving problems, what are you doing? A HUGE part of your brands story is the problems you are solving. Be the company that consistently talks about the solutions you are bringing to the table! Even if it seems super self explanatory, it’s always worth reminding your current and future consumers.
  4. SET BIG GOALS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND TELL PEOPLE! Be a catalyst for good. Have your team pick an organization that you love and is in line with your WHY, and start helping. I know what you are thinking... “We don’t have time to do something like that. We are barely getting what we need to get done as a business…” and I hear you. But what I’ve learned is that teams that CHOOSE to volunteer or pursue something to make the world better together are so much stronger than the ones that don’t. It can be as simple as a food drive for a neighborhood food bank, doing a 5k for a charity and training together, or better yet—ask YOUR TEAM to help choose a cause. And when you choose it—TALK ABOUT IT. Not to show off, but instead to inspire others to do the same!
The legacy of your business is being written every day… so take an ACTIVE role in making sure it’s the story you WANT TO TELL. Is what’s out there how you want people to remember you? If not, CHANGE IT! And if you need help, Good Grit Agency would love to be a thought partner.