This One's For The Girls

This One's For The Girls

Spade & Sparrows Wine by Kaitlyn Bristowe Celebrates the Full (Bodied) Female Experience

Words by Courtney Hancock
Photos by Steph Sorenson

Martina McBride may have said it first in 2003, but in 2021 Spade & Sparrows is saying it louder for the people in the back: “this one’s for the girls!” With the brand’s witty messaging, balance of dainty yet badass labels, and taste that will pack a punch but still go down smooth, Spade & Sparrows has claimed its spot on shelves for women who, just like wine, can be both soft and strong.

Born & bred in Canada, the now-Nashville resident, former Bachelorette, recent Dancing With the Stars Champion, singer, and long-time entrepreneur, Kaitlyn Bristowe created a one-of-a-kind wine that celebrates women from all walks of life. Visit any of Bristowe’s platforms from her personal Instagram to her Off the Vine podcast and you’ll learn quickly that she’s created a space where ladies can be themselves. Her wine label is no exception. A glass (or two) of Spade & Sparrows has quickly become a catalyst for women supporting women. 

Bristowe says, “For a long time wine has been exclusively marketed to men. When I walked into the store and looked at all of the bottles on the shelf, they just didn’t speak to me. So I knew I had to change that.” 

The female experience is a range of every day to-do’s—sometimes an emotional rollercoaster, and also hopefully moments of pride. It may include, but is most definitely not limited to: cooking dinner, relaxing in a warm bath, enjoying a night in with the girls, a first date or a 10th anniversary, break-ups, make-ups, dressing up, dressing down, wins, and sometimes losses… all of which pair well with, you guessed it, wine. Even Kaitlyn recalls being first introduced to wine watching her mother cook in the kitchen. 

So how could something so inherently feminine get strapped into only targeting the male pocketbook? We may never know the answer to that, but we are glad to see the company thoughtfully resist that tradition. Kaitlyn Bristowe exemplifies her vision for Spade & Sparrows by proving that wine can be present in a ball-gown on national television or snuggled up in pajamas with your dogs.

Like the legendary lyrics go, whether you’re 25 in your first apartment, “livin on dreams and spagetti-o’s” or 42 with “every laugh line on your face,” Spade & Sparrows is a wine for the millennial generation of women, who own their experiences—good and bad. Whether you’re the edgy girl, the girly girl, the sporty girl, the artsy girl, or the smart girl—Spade & Sparrows is for you. 

Kaitlyn says, “I’m no wine snob, I’m not a sommelier, I’m just a girl who loves having a great glass of wine in her hand.”

Aren’t we all?