Travel Like A Local: Liberty County, Georgia

Travel Like A Local: Liberty County, Georgia
Words by Laura Quick
 Liberty County is a unique place where true Southern hospitality is still very much alive. With a melting pot of cultures and just the right blend of history and modern amenities, its charm will captivate you for sure!

Just before we were teenagers, my sister and I found ourselves temporary residents of Midway, Georgia. Living just outside of Savannah, Georgia, our life only consisted of the water if we went to the beach (Tybee Island), went fishing in Grandaddy's pond on the farm, or headed to a lake for an occasional weekend of jet skis and cabin living. So it was a big surprise when our parents bought a house on the coast in Liberty County, Georgia. Located only about an hour outside of Savannah, the idea was to fix it up and flip it as a fun side project. That summer was filled with shrimping and fishing and jumping off the dock. We watched countless sunrises and sunsets and picked blackberries all along the tree line of our property. We ran wild, and we felt free.

I guess that’s why I wanted to take you guys here. Off the beaten path. To really travel like a local. Back roads and dirt roads and food that is the epitome of east coast in the south. You aren't going to find any five-star hotels, but that’s because you are supposed to stay at Dunham Farms, the most charming little bed and breakfast this side of Charleston. This is the kind of place that historically you are visiting because you really know someone who is close enough to call family. This is the place to really get away for a bit. To look up and see all the stars, to eat good food, to find some unexpected but welcomed culture… just sleepy enough of a town to allow a nap in a hammock, and just enough going on to keep you hopping from one adventure to the next for a long weekend. I hope you’ll visit this place that is more than a hidden jewel… it is still a sweet memory and a favorite once a year hideaway for me.

Sunbury Crab Company
If you’re looking for the best surf-n-turf in the county, look no further than Sunbury Crab Company.

Zum Rosenhof
The perfect place to satisfy your schnitzel and curry wurst cravings. And after dinner, visit the German store next door!

Smokin’ Pig
Ask any local for the best BBQ in the county, and they’ll point you toward Smokin’ Pig.

Izola’s Country Cafe
If you’re in the mood for some serious comfort food, this is the place. Call for their daily specials, or give their breakfast buffet a try!

Good 2 Go Jamaican
Oxtail, curry goat, or jerk chicken–they have the best Jamaican and Caribbean food in the Lowcountry!

Dunham Farms
Mother-daughter team Laura and Meredith Devndorf welcome guests to Dunham Farms’ Palmyra Barn B&B Inn. Boasting nine rooms located in a lovingly-restored 1930s barn, and providing a plethora of on-site activities, this is the perfect place to enjoy everything Liberty County has to offer.

Fort Morris Historic Site
Located on a bend in the Medway River, Fort Morris is a great choice for the outdoorsy history buff. Sleep under the stars after spending the day learning about the fort’s importance during the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

Isle of Wright ‘Lance’s Treehouse’
This waterfront property is ideal for a family getaway. Spend the day taking your boat out on the water, and relax around the fire pit at night. Bonus: the beach is a short drive away!

‘Susie Shanty’ Waterfront Colonels Island Studio
If you love the outdoors, you’ll fall in love with the Susie Shanty! Situated on Colonel’s Island, there are boat and kayak rentals, great fishing, and an outdoor kitchen to cook up your catch of the day.

Santa Salvo Cassetta Lovely Colonels Island Home
This is the perfect cottage for a couples getaway. Post up all weekend and get breakfast delivered, or make the short drive to Midway’s Historic District for the day. From paddle boarding to stargazing, you won’t run out of things to do.

Warriors Walk & The 3rd Infantry Division Museum
Both offer a unique glimpse into the life and times of the US Army at the home of the largest military installation east of the Mississippi River.

Dorchester Academy and Museum
Listed on both the US Civil Rights Trail and the Footsteps to MLK Jr Trail, Dorchester Academy and Museum offers and exceptional view of the Civil Rights Movement, as well as telling the story of the Citizenship Schools.

Liberty County Scenery
You can always find something to do outdoors while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Liberty County, whether you prefer to kayak, take your dog for a walk around the pond at Bryant Commons, or explore Cay Creek Wetlands.

Dorchester Shooting Preserve
The Gaskin Family turned a 5,000 acre plantation into a classic Southern hunting experience. With hunting, fishing, and sporting clay, there’s something for all ages. Visit for the day, or rent an on-site cottage for a longer stay!