Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Explore the Modern South in our first Good Grit Showhome

Word by Shelly Brown
Photos by Alyssa Rosenheck


Home is a beloved topic for us at Good Grit magazine. As storytellers, we understand the importance of the place you came from and the gift it is to create your own space. Throughout the lifespan of our magazine, design and home have been a common thread of our content. In our Awaken issue of 2021, we made this a bit more official and curated a Home section to showcase the beauty, creativity, and eclectic nature of homes all across the South. 

With the launch of our Home section, we were also beginning the process of creating our very own Good Grit Showhome. We knew from the beginning that we wanted this home to feel different from expectations. We wanted it to be filled with ideas that you could take home and try, not feel like a space of unattainable luxury. We sought to create a cohesive mix of quality brands that defied the modern-day idea of disposable furniture, a space filled with curated keepsakes that are meant to be there forever. 

Throughout the construction phase, we ran into every roadblock you could imagine, and all with the drama that makes for a good home renovation show. Cast Iron pipes from the 1970s that had entirely disintegrated down the center, an entire patio resting on cinder block alone, wood rot, termite damage, large branches threateningly hanging over the roof, water damage, water leaks, mice—you name it, we found it and had to fix it. What we saw was what the house could be. This home in itself is a redemption story—an existing structure that needed lots of love and to be brought back to life. That’s just what we did.

When it came down to the interior design of the home, livability was our priority. With white walls and tons of windows, we chose a darker stain in Queensbury from Flooret. This darker tone grounded the light, airy space and set the perfect palette for the furniture and decor. 

Sometimes there is just one piece that sets the tone for an entire design. For our 2021 Showhome, that piece was the Atmos coffee table from Industry West. The second that the image of this beauty popped up, the whole space became apparent. We mixed earthy wood pieces with modern and mid-century to create an eclectic, creative feel to the space. The arched doorway mimics the curves of the Atmos table, and this inspiration of curved, natural shapes is carried throughout the home, even into the lighting. Arched table lamps in the master, a curved linear pendant that hangs over the large kitchen table, all from Circa Lighting.

Once the space came together, we were able to see what we had created. Our version of a Modern Southern Home. A place to entertain, to share, to love, and to feed. Welcome Home.

Design tips:

  • Use 1 piece that you love as your anchor of inspiration for a space. For us it was the Atmos Coffee Table by Industry West.
  • Keep in mind what you want to be doing in a space, not just what you want it to look like.
  • Leave blank space. Don’t feel the need to fill every inch of space. Leave breathing room. Leave room to collect something on your next trip. Leave room for something special.