Relationship Development Internship

Why this internship exist:

Our CEO Laura Quick loves pouring into the next generation. It is her belief that internships are designed to sharpen you and prepare the future generations to share their meaningful contributions with the world. In order to do so, we must also fully understand what our natural skill sets are and what feels unnatural or counter intuitive. This internship position is unique because it focuses more on vision and cultivating big, meaningful relationships. This is a skill, regardless how natural it feels, will be necessary for the rest of your life. Good Grit is a brand that Laura built on relationships. 


What will you get out of this internship:

You will get to learn from one of the most thoughtful relationship builders we know! Laura’s love for people and curiosity for story is infectious. In this internship you will have access to see how and why she is a successful CEO. Ask questions, participate in ride alongs, listen in on conference calls and see how she builds, maintains and strengthens relationships- both internally with our team, as well as externally with clients and friends to our brand. 



This is at minimum a 15 hour per week commitment. Tuesday’s will be the main day! 


Expectations and responsibilities:

You will he expected to show up curious and ready to learn, with a positive attitude and willingness to take risks, ask questions and be BOLD. You must be likable, flexible and able to go with the flow. This is a fast paced environment. You will be responsible for taking tasks as they come, problem solving, scheduling certain meetings, crafting emails, thoughtful notes of gratitude and other tasks that come up in entrepreneurship. Do NOT apply for this internship if you are not an individual who believes and understands this brand. Do not apply for this internship if you do not want to be stretched and challenged. Do not apply for this internship if you do not LOVE PEOPLE. Because you will hate it :) 

How to apply:

  • Email
  • Put specific internship you are interested in the subject line
  • Attach resume
  • Be sure to include name and contact info