Lake Oconee, GA

Located 75 miles east of Atlanta is Lake Oconee, boasting 19,000 acres of water. In Greene County, Georgia, you will find a picturesque downtown, luxury lodging, Southern dining you won’t forget, and world class golf and lake activities to keep you having fun for days. Your visit to Lake Oconee won’t disappoint!



Honest Coffee Roasters
114 Clinton Avenue E STE 106
(256) 964-6993

Commerce Kitchen
300 Franklin Street SE
(256) 382-6622

Piper + Leaf Artisan Tea Co.
Studio 151, 2211 Seminole Drive SW
(256) 929-9404

Downtown Huntsville Craft Beer Trail
10 + Locations

Campus No. 805
2610 Clinton Avenue W
(256) 519-6212



Elitaire Boutique
114 Clinton Avenue E 103
(256) 947-0618

Kennedy + Rowe Clothing Company
114 Clinton Avenue E
(256) 715-7424

In Bloom
100 Jefferson Street N
(256) 519-8898

Preservation Co.
1214 A Meridian Street
(256) 539-4885




Tinsel Trail
Big Spring Park East

Galaxy of Lights
Huntsville Botanical Garden

Skating in the Park
Huntsville Museum of Art/Big Spring Park West

Santa’s Village
Huntsville Depot and Museum